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ACL Rod Bearings - BMW E9X M3 (S65)

These E9X M3 rod bearings consists a set of ACL rod bearings and is a custom set of bearings to achieve the bearing clearance we believe is ideal for this engine. Stock BMW bearings tend to run a little on the tight side, as do the standard ACL bearings. Because of this we have created our own customized set that will achieve .0023" to .0025" bearing clearance.

  • Fits:BMW S65B40 (4.0L) M3 E90 3999cc V8
  • Size: Customized to achieve .0023" to .0025" bearing clearance
  • ACL Race Series performance engine bearings are manufactured to exacting tolerances with particular attention paid to wall thickness accuracy. This ensures reliable fit and helps maintain consistent clearances.
  • Improved bearing retention from higher radial contact pressure. Locks the bearing into the housing.
  • ACL Race Series performance engine bearings feature increased eccentricity to increase improve shape adaptation to compensate for bore distortion at high speed operation Assists in the formation of hydrodynamic oil film.